One developer platform for entire product suite


Want to build a custom or marketplace app for Freshworks? It's just one developer platform.


Get hands-on with the platform and you are powered to build for the entire suite of Freshworks products.

Support customers faster

Apps are an easy way to extend the Freshdesk capabilities. Explore our resources to build apps or integrate your product with Freshdesk.

Streamline and service IT requests better

Explore our resources to extend the capabilities of Freshservice - our IT service desk solution.

Be better equipped to nurture leads

Apps extend the Freshsales capabilities and enable agents to nurture leads efficiently. Explore our resources to build integrations that enable better conversations.

Converse effectively with your customers

Apps enable Freshchat users to conduct fluid conversations with other businesses. Explore our resources to build apps or integrations with Freshchat. 

Build meaningful HR relationships

Apps provide seamless flows for HR teams. Explore our resources to integrate with Freshteam - our HRMS offering.

Make calls with the best modern day telephony system

Apps extend the capabilities of our state-of-art voice platform. Explore our resources to build integrations that upgrade an existing phone technology.