Powering experiences 
for teams and customers

Build apps that enable businesses to win customers for life. 

We've got you all covered.

45,000+ CLI downloads

250M+ Serverless transactions per month

2000+ Customizations

Platform that powers sales, support, & marketing teams

Access APIs and SDKs that you need to customise Freshworks products or your business applications.

You Build. We Scale.

Worry about the business logic. Leave the platform to us.

Build. Deploy. Repeat.

Develop rapidly. We enable developer self-service.

Secure Customer Trust

Derive business value. We help to secure trust.

Winning developers for life

Learn how developers are solving problems for over 2,50,000 businesses that use Freshworks products.

Joseph Christopher


As a result of this partnership, we had a 3X increase in revenue. We receive a high volume of integration requests which compensates for short-term projects

Joshua Grime


The Freshworks team were exceptionally helpful and I was impressed by the Freshworks products and developer experience. I will be thinking of more ways by which we can integrate and add value to both ResponseTap and Freshworks.

Asim Bawany


Within a year of our partnership with Freshworks, our revenue grew from zero to $25,000 making this a profitable venture and forecasting continued exponential growth.

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